Kyoto’s 1100-Year-Old Gion Festival

An Overview of Japan’s Most Famous Festival

by Catherine Pawasarat

Shining as the best-known festival in Japan, the Gion Festival takes place every year over the whole month of July. It’s a testimony to the community spirit of downtown Kyotoites …

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The Victorious Return of Ōfune Boko

Ancient Tradition Meets High Tech

With an 1100-year history, the Gion Matsuri or Gion Festival is working with an unusually long-term perspective. Seven generations sounds like a stepping stone by comparison!

OfunebokoOhayashiNightCprdPctclrdDgmrkd_0570forWebI first heard the Ōfune Boko hayashi music troupe …

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Regular Updates on Gion Festival Facebook Page

There’s lots happening during the Gion Festival, and most of it is little advertised or marketed only in Japanese. I’ve attended more the festival more than a dozen times, and have spent time at each of the floats, in each …

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Festival Reformation: Two processions restored!

OofunBokoGyoretsu24Jul2014_P1010919PctclrdDgmrkdSmallRapidly changing times notwithstanding, in an 1100+-year event like the Gion Festival, transformation can be radical.

The year 2014 heralded the reinstitution of the Gion Festival’s annual processions to two parts, one on the 17th and another on the 24th.…

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